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About Us

About the Publishers

Linda Cail and Pamela MarcusLinda McNally-Cail is the publisher and Pamela Marcus is the associate publisher of Minnesota Creative. But they're far more than mere business partners; they're best friends who share an abiding passion for advancing Minnesota's creative industry.

For two decades, Linda has promoted Minnesota’s creative professionals through the predecessor to this website, the Creative Sourcebook. She took over publication in 1999 and asked Pam to join her. For Pam, the opportunity was more than a business venture; it was destiny. "I feel as if I've come home. My 85-year-old father is a professional photographer, as is my brother. Essentially, I grew up in the industry."

"Both of us feel incredibly blessed to be a part of the creative community," says Linda. "Over the years we've had the opportunity to work with so many amazing people – great writers, artists, printers…"

Yet, over the years, there's been sweeping changes that threaten the industry. In response, Linda and Pam radically changed the way they do business – transforming the Creative Sourcebook from a print publication to the electronic format you're using now.

Their mission: to provide the resources and tools that help creative professionals thrive in a fast-paced, fast-changing business environment.

Their vision: to launch Minnesota's creative industry to a new level of  success by quickly and easily connecting creative professionals with those who need their services.

"We know, through the pleasure of working with them all of these years, that the caliber of Minnesota's creative talent is unparalleled," says Linda. "We created this website to provide the powerful exposure they deserve."

About the Site Developers

Treefort is a team of hard working web professionals who care about our clients. Our clients problems are our problems. Their deadlines are our deadlines. We share their challenges and successes and strive to do our part to help their organizations succeed. No really... we do care. Check with our clients as they have referred over 95% of our business.

Founded in 1998 by Jeremy Gavin, Treefort is nearing a decade of service to clients in the Twin Cities and across the country. We are professionals at the top of our field with a passion for technology.

We serve our clients through strategic use of website design, web application development, and kiosk & digital signage technologies. Our experience ranges from building web applications for one of the world's largest international arbitration companies, to flash-animated websites for the musical legend Prince, to well-crafted and effective sites for small businesses.

Visit the Treefort, Inc. website at